Doug Bedell — January 31, 2019, 4:05 pm

Security Considerations Important for Busy Entrances

Entrances come, or should anyway, in security packages. SecurityInfowatch discusses varieties of buildings and the security challenges they pose.

“For facilities, buildings or areas that require the highest level of security, intrusion prevention is of greatest priority. Examples of this include data centers, vital records storage buildings, or any facility that requires compliance with government regulations.To prevent unauthorized access and potentially millions of dollars in fines, damages, and liability, you’ll want a security entrance that prevents tailgating and unauthorized entry attempts and sounds an alarm if any such attempt is detected.”

Fair enough.

Busy entrances require speed and safety considerations, along with security factors. “For organizations with employees, training can be a challenge if the turnover rate for personnel is high, or if there are a high number of visitors. In these cases, security entrances will need to provide the highest levels of speed and safety even for those people who have never used them before. This way, you’ll avoid one person having a problem and causing a crowd to pile up behind them.”

Isn’t it fascinating, but reassuring one you “get it”, to realize how much analysis and planning are involved once security enters the picture?

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