Doug Bedell — February 20, 2019, 4:01 pm

A Job Market In Search of Young Security Pros

Spread the word – the security market needs new workers. In a survey conducted by Security Business magazine, “73 percent of companies surveyed said that employee recruitment and retention was one of the top threats to their business.”

“Industry-wide,” a Security InfoWatch post continued, “experienced and seasoned technicians are aging, with some wanting to retire and others looking to get out of the field and into the office. Skilled trades are down in favor of higher education for incoming generations, and we are feeling the pain,” Andy Boyd, President of Integrated Protection Services, told Security Business regarding the struggle to recruit and retain a skilled workforce.”

The job category includes IT (information technology) professionals. “As integrated electronic security systems become more technically complex and integrated into our customer’s networks, having strong and talented IT professionals is a must,” said Dan O’Sullivan, CEO of GC&E Systems Group. “We need system architects, engineers, and cybersecurity professionals as well as service professionals with the aptitude to quickly assess, troubleshoot and mitigate performance or operations issues.”

Sounds like, while proceeding with quiet professionalism, the security industry has been hiding its light under a bushel, and now it needs a bit more glare.

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