Doug Bedell — March 11, 2019, 3:08 pm

Security Drills Aren’t Second Nature, but They Should Be

We hold fire drills and worry about readiness for nasty weather, but do we hold security drills? Not readily or often, if at all, Security magazine notes in a post by A.Benjamin Mannes. Good point.

“I am often left puzzled by how many organizations go to great lengths to assess their vulnerabilities and create plans to address them, but almost never test their ongoing effectiveness,” Mannes writes.

Maybe we “chicken out” because a security drill would too challenging. But approached in a planned, orderly manner, security drills could become readily accepted organizational exercises (Mannes’ term for drills).

“Remember,” Mannes concludes, “the threat assessment and planning process never ‘ends.’ Regular assessments and exercises are the key to identifying and eliminating emerging risks. Each time you run through a disaster scenario, you will discover new issues to be addressed where training and security measures may be needed.”

So, cook up a security drill, and keep doing them.

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