Doug Bedell — June 15, 2019, 1:24 pm

Summertime Is a Season for Scamming

The DarkReading blog has devoted itself to “6 Security Scams Set to Sweep This Summer”. They’re worth reading about and being mindful of during the hazy, lazy days of summer, when scammers, at least, are neither hazy nor lazy.

There are threats connected with travel security, politicl events, summertime employment, “free” Wi-Fi connections, and credit cards or other sensitive information that may be stolen while traveling.

Each of these threats is discussed in the DarkReading post. But it’s enough for now to know that these insights are available, even as we plan how to get the most fun and relaxation from the upcoming days of another sunny summer. There aren’t any days, actually, on which cyber security should be neglected.

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