Doug Bedell — June 21, 2019, 8:40 pm

Security’s Dilemma: When It Works, Nothing Happens

Security magazine makes a perplexing point: When security works, nothing happens.

“Security executives have to be constant evangelists when it comes to preserving operational effectiveness. As most C-suite executives think in traditional budgetary mindsets, it’s hard to demonstrate the effectiveness of security when investments result in nothing happening. In the meantime, most executives think in terms of reacting to regulatory, legal or operational requirements, which is why increased staffing and budgets are being devoted to compliance, cyber and HR-related compliance, which may possibly be taken from security operating funds…

“This is why Chief Security Officers or Chief Compliance Officers need to team up and have the intestinal fortitude to educate executive management on the potential threats to their organizations.”

Part of having a secure organization involves everyone being on the same page – top executives included – as to what it takes to insure its security.

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