Doug Bedell — June 2, 2010, 9:49 am

A Primer on Social Media in a Crisis

The spreading pertinence of social media to crisis and security incidents is shown in a post on the In Case of Emergency, Read Blog blog – “10 Reasons Social Media Is Important In A Real Crisis.”  Social media channels can reach people who wouldn’t be tuned in otherwise, especially younger ones.

One of the biggest points is No. 3 – “Social media networks are dynamic: the content can be updated in real-time, from diverse users, to share the latest information about real needs and progress.”

Also No. 9 – “Curation: Twitter Lists and Hashtags are well-suited for identifying reliable sources of up-to-date information.”

…and No. 10  – “Geotagging by social network users provides important context to the information being shared.”

Check out the whole list if you’ve been wondering about the applicability of social media in a crisis.

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