Doug Bedell — June 25, 2010, 3:15 pm

Cameras Providing Blanket Security Coverage of Midtown Manhattan

People on the streets of midtown Manhattan – and into the city’s uptown and downtown districts as well – are going to be routinely “on camera” in this age of security-centered anti-terrorist measures.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the Association for a Better New York this week that about 450 of a planned network of 3,000 cameras have been installed between 30th to 60th streets.

The new cameras feed into the NYPD’s  lower Manhattan security-coordination center, Kelly said. And they are so sensitive “they can zero in on an unattended briefcase or pinpoint suspects by their jacket color,” The New York Post reports.

Big Brother? Maybe, but that’s where due concern over terrorism in a glamor center like New York has been taking us. London, too, has it own similar “ring of steel”.

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