Doug Bedell — October 14, 2019, 2:54 pm

With Hackers, You Never Know Who May Looking In

Obviously, computer hackers shouldn’t be helped by their unsuspecting targets, yet that’s what happens all too often, the blog advises.

“From lengthy email signatures to employees’ social media posts,” Kelly Sheridan writes, “we look at the many ways organizations make it easier for attackers to break in.”

Examples would be “human resources sharing photos and videos to attract job applicants, interns posting photos of new badges, or employees sharing photos at office functions.”

Hackers are ardent, keenly observant souls. Organizations should be aware of providing unnecessary clues to their doings, or what their people are like.

Organizational carelessness can “make it easy to duplicate and impersonate and have knowledge an outsider shouldn’t have,” is a pithy observation. Be mindful of being too welcoming.

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