Doug Bedell — October 25, 2019, 3:29 pm

‘Front Door’ Security Cameras Can Yield Safer Neighborhoods

One element in a steadily developing Internet of Things (IoTs) security system is footage from residential and business security cameras, the In Public Safety blog advises.

“Footage from residential and private business security cameras can be instrumental in police investigations,” the post notes. “New technology services such as Ring, Nest, LorexTechnology, and others offer internet-based, DIY, security systems with networked camera options. For example, these technology-based services allow the user to monitor their cameras using a smart device and send out alerts and footage when activity is detected. These high-quality, networked video surveillance systems also allow users to share footage.”

Installed on homes, the cameras can provide a record of unusual events in a neighborhood, such as traffic accidents in the street outside. They’re relatively low-cost and easy to install.

So add the locale of front-lawn security as a new possibility in an ever-wider wired world.

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