Doug Bedell — November 6, 2019, 12:54 pm

‘Lifelong Learning’ Has Special Security Relevance

One key security tool is lifelong learning about how security challenges keep changing and evolving. That’s the pertinent word from the ASIS International 2019 conference on “Why Lifelong Learning is Vital in the Field of Security and Threat Management”.

Learning shouldn’t end when you reach a certain point in your career,” explains Dr. Nicole Drumhiller, an associate dean at American Military University, “it should be something you continuously pursue across your lifetime. As you mature, your areas of interest may change. Perhaps your personal and career goals may morph into something altogether different than what you originally intended.”

That’s an even more pertinent comment in the fields of organizational and computer security, which Barrier Briefs covers. Perpetrators too often seem to be in an attack mode, whether physically or digitally.

“Today’s educational environment is more dynamic than it has been in the past,” Dr. Drumiller notes, “leaving people with more options to gain the knowledge they want and need. From a higher education standpoint, universities and colleges are working hard to transform themselves in different ways.

“For example, there has been a transition from traditional Ph.D.-style doctorates to applied doctorates like the Doctorate in Strategic Intelligence or Doctorate in Global Security. These academic programs have their students work to address real-world problems of practice. In this manner, they take the education they receive in their classes and work to apply it within the fields in which they are currently employed or hope to work in.

“In addition, some universities now offer dual degree programs, such as the dual master’s degree in emergency and disaster management and homeland security. Some institutions are also starting to provide accelerated degrees to allow their students to rapidly advance from a B.A. to an M.A., saving those students time and money on their educational pursuits.”

It’s a challenging world out there, keep up with it, earnestly and continually.


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