Doug Bedell — November 22, 2019, 2:45 pm

‘Converged’ Security is the Ticket Now

Think it’s enough to focus on cybersecurity, or physical security or operational security alone? Not so, says Will Wise Security blog. “As threats evolve and bad actors become more intelligent, and with the goal of being proactive vs. reactive, the need for a robust, comprehensive, converged security strategy is paramount.”

One-person shops probably knew this all along. But organizational teams or specialty groups may have missed the point.

“A converged security structure is the stimulus that brings existing teams together, while also challenging oneself to expand on talent and training needs. In most organizations, there are employees dedicated to managing the physical operations of the space like doors, video cameras, alarms and infrastructure assets like HVAC control systems.

“However, due to evolutions in the use of IoT in the workplace – knowing that many of these operational and physical assets are connected to the internet – there is a need for the IT team to get involved in order to manage and control any issues that may arise. Having IT involved will help aid with appropriate data analysis, cloud management, and storage solutions.

“Another important, yet commonly overlooked practice is the IT team’s importance for sophisticated password management and cyber-hardening and testing of assets across the physical-IT-and operations realms.”

Time to update one of the world’s great truisms: “We’re all in this together.”

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