Doug Bedell — December 6, 2019, 10:44 am

Armed or Not? Most Security Officers Don’t Carry Guns

The Protection Circle blog turns to a subject that arises occasionally: Should security officers be armed?

“The fact of the matter,” says the writer, “is that the vast majority of security officers are unarmed. This applies to facility and campus security, houses of worship security, corporate security, event security, travel security, executive protection, covert protection and more. So, this, by itself, disproves the claim that there’s no such thing as unarmed security…

“Yes, there’s a lot of anxiety about active shooters lately, but let’s not go overboard and misrepresent the entire security industry by claiming that if you can’t shoot an attacker, you’re not a security officer. And this is where we should address the issue that many people judge security on an emotional rather than a logical level.”

Security means keeping a facility resistant to intrusion, not being ready to shoot.

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