Doug Bedell — December 13, 2019, 12:48 pm

The Whistleblower Law ‘Needs Tightening’

Whistleblowers are protected by federal law. Yes, but the law could do with tightening, says a post on In Homeland Security.

The current federal law protecting whistleblowers – the Intelligence Witness Protection Act – has been in effect since 1998. It doesn’t, however, protect whistleblowers against retaliation or criminal charges.

The law “provides a secure mechanism for whistleblowers to take classified complaints to the intelligence community. But it does not protect whistleblowers against retaliation. t does provide protection against criminal charges. It’s just a means to ensure that you have submitted [complaints] properly.

“Whistleblowers still have no right to judicial reviews, no right for a lawyer to have access to the classified information at issue.” The administrative protections added in 2014 were “just first steps” and “still need to be improved.”

There are more subtleties to the existing law, but Congress “never contemplated the situation we currently face, with political and constitutional tension underlying the current whistleblower complaint”.

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