Doug Bedell — December 16, 2019, 9:09 am

Threats to the Security of Public Transportation

Public transportation could become a security threat – it is already in three metropolitan centers on three continents, advises.

” In Hong Kong, Barcelona, and Santiago, Chile, protesters all focused demonstrations – and sometimes violent attacks – against public train stations and networks,” Ben West advises on InfoWatch. “In some cases, violent individuals smashed glass panels, destroyed ticketing machines and wrecked turnstiles, forcing system operators to either close individual stations or sometimes entire lines, disrupting hundreds of thousands of passengers.”

“Public Transportation infrastructure faces a diverse threat environment that ranges from attacks against individuals by mentally unstable actors to cyber threats from common criminals or state actors – or state actors posing as common criminals. In order to protect the integrity of public transportation services that billions of people rely on every day around the world, system operators must maintain vigilance against the old threats while adapting to an environment of newer threats.”

So appreciate those crowded subway trains and street-level busses all the more, and trust they won’t become targets. .

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