Doug Bedell — December 20, 2019, 10:57 am

Video Surveillance a Huge Security Market

View the worldwide market for security products almost at a glance on the Memoori site –”the New 2019 Definitive Resource for Access Control, Intruder Alarm/Perimeter Protection & Video Surveillance Market Research”.

Whew! You don’t often see a market laid out like this in most of its elements. “This report,” says Memoori, “is a detailed analysis that brings together all the factors that influence this industry’s future. To do this we assess the structure and size of the combined physical security industry then break down by size of product, sales by major sector and geographic region and forecast sales to 2024.”

The table of contents has 14 “chapters” that discuss the security market though, offhand, we don’t see vehicle access control listed. What is listed is described as a $34 billion market in 2019. Video surveillance seems to be the core of its focus. (Apparently, potential intruders aren’t considered to have arrived at the scene by a motor vehicle. Maybe there needs to be some prior agreement on what the security market actually includes.)

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