Doug Bedell — December 23, 2019, 4:18 pm

Know Your Organization – What Hackers Might Want to Hit

Know your organization. What are your most valuable online assets? Know these things and you can better plan to protect them. That’s today’s message from, and it’s a timely one.

“It is critical,” writes Dr. Kevin Harris, of American Military University, “that leaders determine what organizational assets are the most valuable and thus what requires the most expenditure. A vital component of the IT asset protection strategy, and one that is often overlooked or undervalued, is the asset identification phase.”

What do you have online that’s worth intruding upon?

“To start, organizations need to determine what information would be most valuable to outside parties and what systems are most likely to be targeted by hackers. Identifying the most valuable digital assets provides an organization with a clear direction for building an asset protection strategy and creating business continuity plans.”

Know the value of what you’ve got online, and then set about protecting it.

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