Doug Bedell — January 29, 2020, 12:45 pm

Helpful Tips for ‘Keeping Security Secure’

From Tim Howard, CSSM, on the Security blog, here are “a few simple measures” for keeping security secure:

Practice need-to-know. Only share security-related information with those who need to know.

Practice compartmentalization. For larger security entities, do not permit everyone to know everything about the operation.

Employ the use of Non-disclosure Statements. People will realize you are serious about your security information if they have to sign a legally binding agreement.

Be sure those in your audience are in the security profession. If you are going to speak at a security event about detailed information regarding security vulnerabilities and mitigation, be sure those in the audience are security professionals.

Know the difference between general security information the public should know and information that is specific to your technology and your processes.

Ensure there are effective security policies in place to protect important security information.

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