Doug Bedell — February 5, 2020, 12:39 pm

Who’s Got the Skills, and Aren’t They Worth Them?

Who’s got the smarts in cybersecurity? The question is bandied about when the underlying assumptions need to be questioned, writes Carla Wasko on the Dark Reading blog.

Ms. Wasko thinks there is plenty of cybersecurity talent available, but potential employees need to be better appreciated. They’re not simply “hackers” or whatever. Potential employers have some soul-searching to do. According to a recent Forrester report, there’s a “deeper failure of bias, expectation, compensation, and commitment to effective recruiting and retention” in play.

“Oftentimes, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for superheroes but pay them entry-level salaries. Forrester’s Chase Cunningham notes, ‘Job postings will require a bachelor’s degree with five to seven years of experience with all kinds of technology, and a master’s degree preferred, but by the way, we only want to pay you $85,000 a year.'”

The problem may well be that talented cybersecurity pros get confused with hackers and other digital intruders and aren’t sufficiently appreciated for their guardian skills. Recruitment becomes both a winnowing process and one of payroll fairness.

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