Doug Bedell — February 14, 2020, 1:05 pm

Locked Out of the Internet: It Really Happened

Bruce Schneier provides a report on how engineers flown into two U.S. locations from around the world to do a security check on the Internet – the whole global information system – couldn’t hold the ceremony because one of the two safes at the heart of the exercise couldn’t be opened.

That was on a Tuesday night. “One of the locking mechanisms wouldn’t retract and so the safe stayed stubbornly shut… Thanks to the complexity of the problem – a jammed safe with critical and sensitive equipment inside – they were told it wasn’t going to be possible to hold the ceremony on the back-up date of Thursday, either.”

Wow, wouldn’t that make some kind of a movie – titled something like, “Locked Out of the World’s Brain”? Here’s the agenda for the ceremony that went wrong. Any screenwriters available?

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