Doug Bedell — February 17, 2020, 10:25 am

Federal Standards for Secure Voting Machines Need Updating

Here’s a report on the DarkReading blog discussing “How Can We Make Election Technology Secure?” That’s a timely topic for sure.

“Our elections have been menaced by social media deception, voter registration scandals, conspiracy theories, and polarization of the electorate. While these issues must be confronted, we can’t ignore the growing threat posed by security gaps in the election equipment that records, counts, and transmits votes.

“Even if we could solve the complex social engineering problems, we should all ask, ‘How secure are the physical machines being used in the 2020 American elections?'”

The post discusses some of the hazards working against secure elections, including the age of many voting machines, no federal security standards for voting machine manufacturers, and no updates of federal testing standards since 2005, “when few machines were digital”.

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