Doug Bedell — February 26, 2020, 3:12 pm

Security’s ‘Sixth Sense’: An Indispensable Asset

Security starts in places you might not think of at first blush. You’ve got to go back a few steps, months or years, to get the history of a setting. An example comes via, in the person of a school security professional who learned the hard way that “at the end of the day a threat assessment is only a piece of paper”.

That led to “a shift in Guy Grace’s approach to school security… For Grace, a holistic approach to school security means opening the detection of threats and applying a security approach to all facets of school culture. That begins with the responsibility he takes for his district’s mental health responses. ‘We get about 700 mental health calls a year,’ he says. ‘They include kids who say that they are going to shoot up the school the next day. When that happens, we get a response to that person immediately. Maybe they’re just talking, maybe not. But we show up.’”

Grace’s approach to school security changed in 2013, after a school shooter was stopped in only 80 seconds, “but only after a student had already been shot, and would later die.”

Security, at a school or anywhere else, actually, takes a sixth sense for the ability to anticipate what could, or might, occur and to prepare for it. It’s a mighty big responsibility, starting with an awareness of possibilities.

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