Doug Bedell — March 18, 2020, 12:04 pm

Drones: A Big Role in Security’s Future

The more we learn about drones, the more we become impressed by their versatility as security guards. SecurityInfowatch is the latest source of information on their capability.

Where we may be headed: “Will drones have an impact on the contract security personnel market? It’s probably not as unlikely as you may think.”

“A key to all security events is the timely, efficient understanding of pertinent details and the communication and assignment of actions in response to the event. In these situations, drones” advises Infowatch, “have an unfair advantage; details of the event and assigned actions are uploaded directly via software to the drone for immediate deployment. In the case of an intrusion, a geospatially-enabled video management system (VMS) can automatically inform the drone of the type of event (e.g. human intrusion) and the exact location of the event via GPS coordinates. The drone can immediately dispatch and fly to the exact event location using pre-defined flight routes or computer vision assisted free flight.”


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