Doug Bedell — March 25, 2020, 3:26 pm

How COVID-19 Got Launched on the World

Here, from In Homeland Security, is what led up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the better to understand where we are in today’s setting. “With practically the whole world facing an economic free-fall from the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes William Tucker, “it’s natural to inquire as to how all of this came to be.

“Pinning down the precise date or single source of the first infection is difficult. The two leading theories suggest that the virus originated in bats, jumped to an intermediary source, then made its way to humans. The other possibility is that the ‘virus was largely non-pathogenic before making the transition to humans, and only evolved into it’s [sic] current deadly form within the human population…

“Because we don’t fully understand how the virus came to infect humans, we also don’t know when the initial infection occurred. What we do know is that sometime last December, Chinese healthcare workers discovered the infection and its associated virus, and they reported it. But the Chinese government arrested the whistleblowers, destroyed blood samples and then began a campaign to cover it all up…”

Read on to become more fully informed on the origins of this scourge of our times.

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