Doug Bedell — May 11, 2020, 11:58 am

All the Dismaying News on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here, from the Noticebored blog, is what we’re learning about the COVID-19 situation, and it’s not encouraging news. A sampling:

“Controls against COVID-19 are imperfect, at best; some are purely for appearance sake; some are as much use as a bubble level in space; others are literally worse than useless (the cure really can be worse than the disease!); in most cases, we simply don’t know how well they will work in practice…

“Many people and organizations struggle to cope with a serious crisis, whereas some shine and thrive – but even the best may crumble at some point…

“The situation is changing dynamically and somewhat unpredictably…”

And on it goes, with a lengthy list of dismaying observations during this unfolding security experience.

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