Doug Bedell — May 23, 2020, 11:58 am

Weathering a Global Business Crisis: ‘We Should Be Very Excited About the New Future’

Start rethinking the security business like all fields during this period when the economy is likely to be in a sustained COVID-19 nosedive. The rebound “will be a transformational event that should lead to global business restructuring” says Steve Lasky on Security Infowatch.

Lasky reports that hedge fund manager Ray Dalio in a TED Talk recently “made it clear he thinks the United States is headed towards a modern economic depression, sustained double-digit unemployment and a more than 10% decline in the overall economy as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Dalio, however, is quick to share that he believes that this global economic tsunami will be ‘relatively brief’ and will be a transformational event that should lead to global business restructuring.”

“Dalio’s contention is that this crisis will force global business to rethink how it approaches all aspect of its organizations and that this “restructuring”, which could last as long as three to five years, will create new and previously untapped opportunities and innovation related to digitization, data and human thinking…I think we should be very excited about the new future.”

If this scenario unfolds, let’s indeed hope it has an upbeat outcome.

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