Doug Bedell — July 8, 2020, 3:11 pm

‘Phishing’ E-Mails Need to be Trashed

We need to be wary of the veracity of e-mails we receive. In other words, don’t fall for phishing e=mails. They can be costly, the Hot for Security blog advises.

“New research from German insurer HSB reveals an increase in suspicious emails targeting small businesses across the United States over the past year, the post advises. “According to the study, employees nation-wide are falling for phishing schemes asking them to transfer tens of thousands of dollars in company funds into fraudulent accounts.”

The e-mails in question may look perfectly businesslike, but they’re extremely hazardous. Read them carefully, and if you’re not persuaded they’re genuine, file them in your spam folder without delay. The Internet is becoming ever more hazardous for unsuspecting users.

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