Doug Bedell — July 13, 2020, 3:04 pm

More on the Subject of Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks

Following up on the subject of potential electromagnetic pulse attacks, In Homeland Security reports that “At present, there is no way of telling when an EMP attack has occurred, or what it has affected, so the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency is working on sensors to detect and analyze EMP sensors under its Conventional Nuclear Integration/Battlefield Nuclear Warfare program.”

“Military analysts,” it adds, “have long warned about the threat of electromagnetic pulse, a blast of radio waves burning out electronics devices. The most extreme version is [a] nuclear EMP from a high-altitude explosion, which might disable power systems across the continental U.S. in a ‘Pearl Harbor’ surprise attack. Tactical EMP warheads (‘E-bombs’) are more likely, conventional weapons which can knock out electronics in an area hundreds of meters across, like the fictional one in Ocean’s 11.”

Assuredly, this is something worth being prepared for.

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