Doug Bedell — July 24, 2020, 12:50 pm

A Security Rub: We’re All Masked Now

It’s not so easy during the COVID-19 pandemic to identify people by full facial recognition – practically everybody is wearing masks. The Security Industry Association discusses what that means in a blog post.”Skeptics say that the adjustments will not be simple.”

“While companies are adjusting their facial recognition systems in response to virus countermeasures, they are also adding new functionality to their algorithms, including what might be called mask recognition. Artificial intelligence is being applied to video feeds to identify people who are not wearing masks in places where it is required. Forbes reported that airlines in particular are interested in this technology as they seek to reassure people of the safety of flying.”

Read on to consider how this era differs from that of the Lone
Ranger – his mask only covered his eyes and Tonto didn’t have one.

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