Doug Bedell — December 2, 2005, 10:34 am

Shopping Mall Security

Shopping malls have special security concerns. An article last summer in The Wall Street Journal provided and excellent overview both of the threat of terrorist attacks at shopping malls and some of the more public methods used to thwart them. The August 8 article, At America’s Malls, Grim Preparation for the Unthinkable, relied heavily on Israel’s outstanding success in stopping such attacks, and described many of the telltale signs that experts look for in identifying potential suicide bombers.

The inherently open nature of malls with their ease of access through multiple entrance points makes our particular products — vehicle barriers — of limited application at malls. Nonetheless, some malls are electing to install aesthetic and unobtrusive vehicle barriers at certain entrances to preclude terrorists from crashing an explosive laden-vehicle into the mall’s interior. At PRO Barrier Engineering we have added a mall security expert to our perimeter security assessment team. This individual works for one of Pennsylvania’s largest mall property management companies, and is available for mall-specific security consulting assignments.

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