Doug Bedell — August 12, 2020, 10:35 am

Policing Not a One Size Fits All Endeavor

Writing on In Public Safety, Nicole Cain notes that policing is a locally based security function, and not to be politicized around abstractions.

“While law enforcement must evolve and adapt to societal shifts and federally mandated guidelines,” she notes, “ultimately law enforcement is a local issue. Police organizations should serve their community’s needs, adopt their community’s values, and hire police officers from within the community.

“Hiring officers who reflect their communities serves two valuable purposes: It improves external relations and increases understanding about the community within the agency. Diversity within a police organization helps to build trust and legitimacy, which grow the police-community partnership and aid police in performing their public safety and crime-fighting missions.”

So, the underlying principle becomes “Look around and serve those needs well”.

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