Doug Bedell — August 21, 2020, 11:46 am

To Counter ‘Fake News’, Read With a Questioning Mind

In Homeland Security reports on how fake news stories, often originating in Russia, “are a massive problem in the U.S. and other democracies. Fake news stories that originate in Russia — often on highly divisive and partisan topics — have made their way into Americans’ social media feeds.”

“And it’s not just fake news about political candidates, gun control, race relations or other hot-button items meant to divide Americans. Earlier this year, top military leaders warned that Russia and China were both spreading lies about the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, the U.S. is struggling to control widespread outbreaks of COVID-19, the sometimes-fatal illness caused by the new virus, after issues such as mask-wearing and whether to trust leading infectious disease experts have divided swaths of the country.”

So be careful and questioning of what you read, not necessarily to trash it, but to decide what to pursue further. That’s always been an intelligent discipline, but it’s one worth sharpening. Following up on suspicious assertions has always been advisable, but more so now.

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