Doug Bedell — August 26, 2020, 11:28 am

‘Fake News’ Aimed at Harassing U.S. Troops With Bogus Reports

 It’s getting so that you need to treat social media posts with a grain of doubt, maybe more than a few.

In Homeland Security reports on how the U.S. military is countering fake social media posts “aimed to sow discord about U.S. troops’ presence in Europe and elsewhere.

“…And it’s not just fake news about political candidates, gun control, race relations or other hot-button items meant to divide Americans. Earlier this year, top military leaders warned that Russia and China were both spreading lies about the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, the U.S. is struggling to control widespread outbreaks of COVID-19, the sometimes-fatal illness caused by the new virus, after issues such as mask-wearing and whether to trust leading infectious disease experts have divided swaths of the country.

“Those pushing fake news campaigns in Europe and elsewhere often have different goals when it comes to influencing the way people feel about U.S. forces and their NATO allies. Those efforts frequently center around vilifying the powerful, decades-old alliance that serves as a major counterbalance to Russia in Europe and elsewhere.”

So view and read with a questioning spirit – the bad guys are counting on it being otherwise.

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