Doug Bedell — September 23, 2020, 1:58 pm

Who’s In Control? Activist Groups Organize Under Core Leaders

For security purposes, we need to understand involvement in activist groups in some detail. Erik Kleinsmith on the InPublicSafety site says there are four levels of involvement: Core leadership, activists, support base and sympathetic base.

“While a group like BLM or Antifa may have thousands of active and passive members, the smallest subset of their active members is their core leadership. These can be either their national organizers, chapter or cell leaders, or simply their tactical leaders, agitators, and crowd motivators on the street.

“Some groups may have national founders and representation like BLM while others may rely almost exclusively on independent or semi-autonomous chapters or cells. BLM may claim that they are a decentralized movement, but they differ from other prominent groups like Antifa in that they are actually incorporated with a centralized founding and leadership structure.”

Like most other organizations, actually, the question of who’s in control, for what purposes, is paramount.

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