Doug Bedell — September 30, 2010, 3:14 pm

More Concerns About Possible Al Qaeda Attacks in the West

Newsweek is carrying a story headlined “The Coming Terror War”. We hope it’s overdone, but it’s in line with other concerns being voiced about pending Al Qaeda attacks in Western nations.

Newsweek says an Afghan Taliban intelligence officer source told them that Europeans and Americans think  “our minds and bodies are in the mountains of the [Pakistan] tribal areas, but soon we will carry out a visible offensive with long-term consequences in their own Western homes and cities.”

Reports from Great Britain suggest that simultaneous commando-style attacks in Germany, France and Britain reminiscent of the Mumbai attacks of almost two years ago could be in the offing.

Increased U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas have been intended to disrupt any such plans, Newsweek reports. But anxiety in Europe is growing. The Eiffel Tower in Paris was evacuated twice this month over bomb threats, and the Saint-Lazare train station at least once. French soldiers in combat gear are giving Paris a military look.

The Newsweek piece is pertinent to security officers everywhere.

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