Doug Bedell — October 4, 2010, 5:00 pm

Social Media An Information Priority

Communities need to get ahead of – or at least keep up with – the social media channel for emergency information. That’s clear from the doings at the first-ever training program with a social media focus for public safety practitioners last month at Charlotte, N.C.

“The reality,” says a recap of the Social Media 4 Responders event, “is that the use of social media by the emergency management and public safety community is no longer just interesting or a nice-to-have, because the use of social media by the citizens is part of the very fabric of how they communicate. In order to effectively harness its power, the community needs to better understand the issues involved and become more adept at understanding how to use these tools effectively.”

Security officials need to be mindful of where information and impressions will be coming from should they have an event. They won’t control much of what people are experiencing.

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