Doug Bedell — January 11, 2021, 11:57 pm

Now a Doorbell You Don’t Have to Touch – Just Stand There

For security in the time of the Coronavirus, how about a doorbell you don’t have to touch? Just stand there and it rings.

SecurityInfowatch advises that “The touchless doorbell eliminates the need to physically press a button – anyone coming to the front door simply stands on a doormat placed at a safe distance to ring the chime. Rather than using motion detection, the product’s internal video analytics do the work.

“When I go to answer my door, I can avoid that awkward moment where we are standing too close together,” explained Allison Beach,’s managing director of research and development, who demoed the product. “Since they are already not within arm’s reach of my door – six feet away – I can open the door and feel more comfortable.

“According to a press release, when a person is detected, the doorbell immediately triggers the existing chime in the home, sends a mobile alert to the homeowner and starts recording a video clip.” And this is all accomplished by just standing there, on a doormat that sets it all in motion.

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