Doug Bedell — January 29, 2021, 2:44 pm

When Schools Are Closed: Students’ Mental Health Becomes a Dire Concern

It’s almost too dire to accept as an aspect of pandemic reality, but it’s occurring: When schools are closed, there’s an increase in student hopelessness and even suicides. The ASIS International blog reports, for example, that “In Clark County, Nevada, a spate of student suicides pushed the fifth largest school district in the United States to bring students back to in-person classes as quickly as possible, starting with some elementary school grades and groups of struggling students, The New York Times reported.

“By December 2020, Clark County had recorded 18 student suicides, compared to nine in 2019. In addition, the school district, which covers the city of Las Vegas as well as the surrounding area, invested in an early-warning system that monitors student activity on district-issued devices for signs of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or cries for help. Between June and October 2020, the system generated more than 3,100 alerts.”

So let your thoughts be with school administrators and their students as the pandemic continues.

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