Doug Bedell — February 5, 2021, 1:07 pm

Emails Seen as a Steadily Growing Security Threat

Bradley Barth on the SC Media blog reports on the “relentless, incoming streams of suspicious emails” that have become a prominent cybersecurity risk.

“Researchers at email security firm Avanan,” Barth advises, “claim to have authored the ‘first comprehensive research study’ that quantifies the amount of time security operations center (SOC) employees spend preventing, responding to, and investigating emails that successfully bypassed default security and are flagged by end users or other reporting mechanisms.

“According to the study, email threats take two to three hours of a SOC team’s time per day, or 22.9% of a SOC team’s daily routine. The data is based upon the responses of more than 500 IT managers and leaders surveyed by Avanan. Of the time spent managing emails threats, nearly half – 46.9% – was allocated toward investigation, while response and prevention each took 26.6 percent of a SOC team’s time.”

The post goes on to explain why the validity of emails has become a growing concern. Alertness in that regard is highly advisable.

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