Doug Bedell — February 8, 2021, 2:39 pm

Police/Community Relations in a Brighter Spotlight

Relationships between police departments and the communities they serve have become the focus of increasingly expressed concerns, notes Najia Lodin in the Homeland Security Digital Library.

“Though there is no clear path on how to address police reform,” Lodin writes, “the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City suggests a series of foundational changes that shifts the narrative around policing from that of ‘force’ to one of ‘service’.

“Authors Richard Aborn and Claire Abrahams,” the post continues, “specifically propose six areas for consideration: (1) Addressing implicit and explicit bias; (2) Psychological screening and targeted recruitment; (3) Front-line supervisors; (4) Discipline and early warning systems; (5) Strategic and effective metrics; (6) Reimaging the computer comparison statistics (Compstat) tool.

“The report also addresses crime reduction and challenges faced in disadvantaged communities, such as resource inequity and continued cycles of trauma. The report can be read in full on the Citizen Crime Commission of New York City’s website.”

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