Doug Bedell — May 10, 2021, 10:07 am

• Bike Racks Advised as Pandemic Sales Soar and Thieves Abound

Look around and see if you find more bicycle riders on your streets. If so, consider installing a security bike rack, or two, at your place of business. It will be appreciated. That’s the advice from Reliance Foundry on another aspect of today’s pandemic world.

“The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented boom in bike sales across North America,” Reliance notes. “As car-clogged streets became less noisy, more bike lanes were installed to encourage cycling and outdoor exercise. Biking allows people a chance to get outside and exercise while observing physical distancing. Bike shops across North America started to feel overwhelmed with increased demand.”

So, of course, there’s more opportunity for bike thieves – a point that’s well taken. Today’s bike racks are more aesthetically pleasing too.

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