Doug Bedell — December 28, 2010, 8:54 am

There’s No Wilderness for Security

The Los Angeles Times has a fascinating story over tensions in patrolling the U.S.–Mexico border through federally designated wilderness areas in the southwest.

Some present or retired border patrol agents say they’ve been hindered in doing their jobs in wilderness areas, while “environmental groups and some federal officials…contend that the conflict is overblown and that there is more cooperation than confrontation between the Border Patrol and land managers.”

We’d hope so. Wilderness isn’t fully wilderness if its an escape or entry route, depending on your perspective. Borders are borders, or should be. And border patrol officers have a tough enough job catching migrants who manage to get past some truly formidable barriers.

(The photo here shows a U.S. Border Patrol agent looking for footprints of illegal immigrants crossing the border near Nogales, Arizona.)

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