Doug Bedell — December 4, 2005, 8:58 am

Integrated Planning Crucial

Integrated planning is a critical security need. An article in the November issue of Security Products notes that Hurricane Katrina pointed up the importance of security planning to lessen the impact of a disaster.

Significantly, the article quotes the business magazine Japan Inc.: “Businesses have gotten so caught up in technological security that they have forgotten the more basic, yet salient, notion of physical security.”

“Funds that were once spent on physical security,” Security Products warns, “have been shifted to IT security to the extent that some observers believe many organizations are vulnerable to both natural disasters and physical security breaches.”

What’s needed are integrated plans, not competing IT and building security measures.

“Safety and security can be seamlessly built into an organization’s physical environment”, the article advises, “resulting in significant increases in the protection of building occupants and the ability to recover from potentially disruptive events.”

Building aesthetics, an example in PRO Barrier’s domain, is cited: “Integrating security and safety does not have to compromise a facility’s aesthetic character.” For planning purposes, the article recommends that “a security firm employing both experts in security and building and landscape design” should be used. Indeed, that succinctly describes PRO Barrier Engineering.

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