Doug Bedell — August 9, 2021, 2:22 pm

Funny Fences: ‘Security Challenges’ that Aren’t Such at All

Words that don’t go well together include “good enough” and “security”. Daniel Miessler deals with them in a post on his blog, “The Strange World of ‘Good Enough’ Fencing”.

“So I was walking around earlier today near a construction site,” he writes, “and saw all the different fences that were keeping people out of the area after hours. It was hilarious. Like I was snapping photos and laughing out loud, which people normally only do while texting.

“The first picture at the top was a classic – a 5-pound chain threaded through one link of the cheapest fencing available on Sol-3 (third planet from the sun).” And there was another one – just a piece of wire that could be opened with your fingers.

What’s the point? If something is worth protecting, it’s worth protecting well – one of security’s bedrock tenets.

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