Doug Bedell — November 29, 2007, 9:10 pm

DHS Takes to Blogging

Here’s the mother of all security blogs – Leadership Journal, the Department of Homeland Security’s new blog.

The blog was launched in September and has what it takes to create a successful organizational blog: Nine executive contributors, including Secretary Michael Chertoff himself; a facilitator – Jeff Ostermayer (a DHS spokesperson), and a stated comment policy admistered by Ostermayer.

The contributors can send in posts from on-the-road on subjects like immigration, airport security or the recent San Francisco oil spill. There is no set schedule for when and who will contribute posts, but it requires commitment to have them coming in regularly.

“The blog is an idea that came directly from the secretary himself,” Ostermayer explains. “He wanted to start a dialogue with the American people on national security and homeland security issues, and create a forum to share their ideas with the department and the leadership in the department. It’s written for anyone who is interested in what we’re doing and what the department can do for the American people.”

Check it out.

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