Doug Bedell — August 18, 2021, 4:20 pm

Verifying Security Guards Are Where They Say They Are

More from Silvertrac, a guide for promoting site security: “Pros & Cons of Using GPS (Global Positioning System) for Security Guard Tracking”

“Security guard tracking is an important piece of effective guard management,” a Silvertrac post advises, “but without other processes in place, it will only tell part of the story.”

“If an angry client calls and says your officer wasn’t on-site at some point during a shift, GPS records are an easy way to resolve the situation. A guard tour system that uses GPS will show you and your client where all of your officers are or have been, ensure they’re performing their guard tours to completion, and even help track your service vehicles.

“Security guard tracking software like Silvertrac records your guard’s GPS location with each checkpoint hit and report entry, giving you both live and historical views of officer location.”

Thus, in an effective site security system, verifying the accuracy of personal positioning is an important part of the plan.

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