Doug Bedell — August 20, 2021, 8:26 am

Hospitals, Too, Can Experience Cyber-attacks

Sarah Coble on the Infosecurity magazine blog reports that hospitals in West Virginia and Ohio, part of the Memorial Health System group, were hit by a cyber-attack earlier this month (August, 2021).

The disruption forced the medical centers “to divert patients to other care providers and work from paper records.”

“Threat actors targeted Memorial Health System with ransomware on the morning of August 15. The assault disrupted the IT systems at nearly all the health system’s 64 clinics and three hospitals – Marietta Memorial, Selby General, and Sistersville General.

“By midnight on Sunday, the hospitals were turning away patients, except for heart-attack, stroke and trauma patients, and sending them to Camden Clark Medical Center and Belpre Medical Campus. This may have increased the waiting time for care by as much as an hour for some patients…”

“On August 18, the health system issued a statement announcing that it worked with national cybersecurity experts to resolve the impact of the attack.”

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