Doug Bedell — January 6, 2022, 12:23 pm

Risks of Cyberattacks Are Growing – Heed Them

Danny Palmer on ZDNet advises that “the threat of cyberattacs is growing and much more needs to be done to educate busineses and users about risks in order to prevent widespread damage and disruption as a result of cyber incidents.

“Events like ransomware attacks against utilities and infrastructure providers, production facilities and hospitals have demonstrated that cyberattacks can have very real consequences for people, restricting access to vital goods and services for days, weeks and even months.

“But despite the risk posed by cyberattacks, many businesses and their boardrooms still don’t fully understand the threats they’re facing from cybercriminals and how to best defend their networks against them.”

“Part of the problem,” Palmer adds, “is that, for many businesses, cybersecurity isn’t ingrained into everyday operations and employees are only asked to think about it when doing annual cybersecurity training — leaving companies at risk from cyberattacks the rest of the year.”

Get with it folks, cyber risks with computers and the internet are real.

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