Doug Bedell — January 17, 2022, 3:34 pm

Security Systems Becoming Ever More Refined

Oh, wow! We’ve been here before, but SecurityInfowatch is providing more insight into how enterprise security is becoming a more technologically aggressive challenge.

“Security end-user demanding systems that are faster and more intelligent, and at the same time cost-efficient and better suited for integrated solutions, are looking for more than technology that detects and deters. They now require systems that can digest vast amounts of data, then process autonomously monitored responses at lightning speeds. Upping the preemptive ante is a crucial step in the growth of intelligent physical security systems. And it is currently moving beyond the ubiquitous use of video surveillance analytics to other sensory devices at the edge and controlling access into and across the interior of a facility.

“This improvement in security operations at the enterprise level is also addressing the convergence of physical and cybersecurity threats while easing the migration into a more defined digital world.”

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