Doug Bedell — January 20, 2022, 2:31 pm

Digital Security Needs to be Collaborative

When airlines start canceling flights because of concerns over interference from new 5G telephone towers/antennas near airports, something has gone awry with collaborative communication, or the lack of it.

“The attempt to roll out amped up mobile service across the United States has been a bit of a mess,” CNN Business reports. The aviation industry and transportation regulators are worried about new 5G antennas interfering with a key type of aircraft altimeter that’s essential for landing planes in bad weather. But wireless carriers and telecom regulators have said there’s nothing to fear.

“The authorities have been in a weeks-long stalemate. And the whole thing culminated this week with some major international airlines canceling some US flights, as regulators, telecom giants, and airlines blew past a deadline to come to an agreement. AT&T and Verizon are now, yet again, delaying their plans to switch on their new 5G antennas near certain airports. Regulators are still hashing out solutions. And a lot remains unclear.”

Come on guys!

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