Doug Bedell — February 7, 2022, 9:39 am

Home Work Isn’t Necessarily Secure Work

“Work from home has become work from anywhere,” Stan Wisserman observes on Security Infowatch, “essentially making companies borderless.” And that has obvious implications for working securely in a firm’s best interests.

“Prior to lockdowns, organizations were easily able to track cyber threats and protect their employees’ devices, as they were almost all working from the same, secured network. Now, employees are working from their homes, cafes, on the road and in the office. Because of this, CISOs need to think strategically and implement borderless security based on a zero-trust architecture.

“Zero-trust architecture, or ZTA, is a perimeter-less security system that is becoming an increasingly popular option for many organizations as it is one of the only ways to properly secure remote work environments. Even though it has been a security option for almost a decade, the past year has proven just how necessary this type of architecture is to fully secure one’s enterprise.”

Read on for more insights into working securely from home.

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